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Simply cash in via QR code

You can now cash in via QR code without any card terminal hardware. With a wide variety of all common payment methods: credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal and “carrier billing” (known in Germany as "Zahl einfach per Handyrechnung").

Without any monthly fixed costs -
for a one-time fee of only 29,- €.

The future of mobile payment: PAY WITH CHARLIE
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and hardware free

You can finally collect without cables, receipts, SIM cards and locational restrictions – receive payment at any table or every other place. Your customers use their own smartphone to pay. No registration is required. JUST SCAN & PAY! Digital payment receipts are instantly available in the PAY WITH CHARLIE application.


and transparent

No fixed costs – pay for individual transactions only. For larger turnovers, switch to one of our other tariffs – for an even more cost-effective payment acceptance. Your revenues can be observed in real-time on the merchant platform and are available for download in fiscal conformity.


and climate-friendly

Your QR code wherever and however you want: At the counter via display stands or protection screens, on the table, a wristband or printed on billing forms and vending machines. All of this being climate friendly: no terminal hardware, no batteries or chargers and paperless receipts automatically on your customer’s smartphone.

Flexible cashless payment solution for your business

The right payment acceptance for retail, gastronomy, trade and many other industries. The right solution for everyone.
Choose your industry:

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Vending machines and refrigerators

Cashless payment acceptance at vending machines, refrigerators and lockers. Setup in 30 minutes.


QR-codes can also be applied to back seats or clear wall panels to hygenically receive cashless payments.


Place the QR code in a beautiful display on your counter. No terminals and messy cables.

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PAY WITH CHARLIE offers a wide variety of payment methods

Connect PAY WITH CHARLIE easily to your cash register

Directly at your cash register

PAY WITH CHARLIE can be easily connected to your existing POS system. Exactly like a common card terminal.
PAY WITH CHARLIE can also act as an extension to your card terminal. Over the added button
"PAY WITH CHARLIE" in your cash register you can immediately display the amount to be paid to your customer. Now they can comfortably complete the transation, choosing their prefered payment method.

Easy cashiering at the table

Are you using a handheld cash register? Here, too, you can use PAY WITH CHARLIE as an extension and connect it to your system. Simple checkout via a wide variety of payment methods for your customers - the digital receipt also being automatically stored on your customer's smartphone.


Get your own individual QR code

and cash in anywhere without any terminal hardware!
Contactless, cheap and easy.

The future of mobile payment!