Vending machines & refrigerators

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at vending machines

Cashless payment acceptance

Say good bye to missing sales due to having no change - thanks to PAY WITH CHARLIE .
Simply insert our Bluetooth module and cash in contactlessly via a QR code on vending machines. Moreover, the machine does not require an internet connection.

Just scan & pay!


at vending machines

Accept contactless and hygienic payments - without hardware!

– Easy and without the need for internet or additional power.
– Affordable and transparent.
– Contactless and hygienic.

Accept all common payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Diners/Discover, PayPal and even “carrier billing” – known in Germany as “Zahl einfach per Handyrechnung”).

With PAY WITH CHARLIE, your customers can pay at vending machines despite not having the right change.

Benefit from the “future of modern payment”.


Merchant portal

Transactions in real time

Transparent and clear.
Keep an eye on your sales at all times — on your computer or on the go via your smartphone.

Just scan & pay!

Easier than tying your shoes

It's this simple for your customers to make cashless payments with you.
Easy in just three steps:

Place QR code

Simply insert our module via plug & play. Setup takes just 30 minutes. A separate power connection and internet connection are not required.


Your customers scan the QR code with their own smartphone (no prior registration required), select the desired product from the vending machine or enter the amount for refrigerators/snack boxes. After that, they only choose their preferred payment method.


Your customers will receive the receipt right away in the